Product Features

Website Development :We are innovative web solution provider. We provide need driven web application solutions. Our motto is very simple that to grow by growing others. That means customer success is top priority. We interact regularly to our clients and design best services to meet expectation. We believe in creating sustainable customer value and exceeding their expectations. We provide quality website build with cutting edge technology at flexible prices. Contact us now.

SMS Gateway :We are also sms gateway provider.If your bussiness requires SMS gateway or want to incorporate SMS gateway to your website then, Contact us now.

SEO :Do you want to see your website in google search results. Do you want to decrease Alexa rank of your website. Then we will provide you complete SEO package. Contact us now.

Email Grabber : Email grabber is a multi function software used to procure email addresses, phone, fax, mobile numbers used for marketing purposes.

Email Tester :Email tester tests the extracted email whether it is live or dead email. Dead emails are sorted out with this application.(releasing soon)


Features of EmailGrabber Machine

  • Extracts email address, leads based on your business or keywords.
  • Extracts email address, leads from web sites, files, folders
  • Support global search (extract email address, leads across the globe) and local search (country specific search to extract email address, leads).
  • Exports extracted email address to specified file.
  • Simultaneously browse extracted WebPages from page browser.
  • Support for selecting multiple search engines, multiple keywords
  • Extract email address, leads from web sites upto any depth.
  • Specify optional search phases to your search criteria.
  • Specify optional file extension inclusion list, URL inclusion list to your search process.
  • All settings are dynamically stored and retrieved.
  • We provide free customized changes before you wish to buy, please contact us with your customized features (you can also chat with us about your customized changes).
  • Flexible License System. You can transfer the license purchased to any system at any time.
  • Download a fully functional working version.